Anoche soñé contigo y esta manana no me quiero despertar

by postrich bear


postrich bear Salem, Oregon

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Track Name: Happy song for some
This is a happy song for lovers a sad song for me
Because I can hear the train and know you're leaving
Say hello to everyone that I miss so much
I know I suck at communications and staying in Touch
Everywhere I go know I always keep with me
every notes the wrote me in a secret symphony
And my blood will drain and hollow at my veins
I'll grow old without you to take away the pain

and I am nothing at all
oh but you You're something good I just wish you understood

All my sadness and suffering please sink into the sky
so when it starts to rain I can just go inside
Yesterday I ran and didn't let up
but learned that your best isn't always enough
And today I laughed thought what a silly thing
that you can be alive but be hanging by a string
Tomorrow I will kiss the ground as I fall
everybody dies life's just how long can you stall.

and I am nothing at all
oh but you You're something good I just wish you understood
Track Name: FuFu berry
Wait up for me I am falling behind
But don't you worry cause darling I'll be fine
You got my love
I got your life

Just don't forget me Sometimes I'm scared I'll dissapear
I'm feeling fragile it's been a fucking shitty year
But I know
Sometimes you gotta go

Fuck me up darling while we're young
I don't mind still addicted to your luv
With your hands
at my throat

Talk to me just like when we where sixteen
Say you love me though I know it's make believe
I feel so blue
and so do you
Track Name: Gravity
In my dreams you are here next to me

But i'm awake and i need you more than gravity
Track Name: Sorry i'm still here
I am the one who shot you down
From the sky where you where found
Darling please forgive me
You where the one with angel wings
Everyday you'd pray for me
Sorry you held your hands in vain
Now your beyond the wild trees
In a place they call Eugene
I will mend your broken wings
Though you have crossed out my bad name
In your blood I still remain
You're the only one I saved

I'm sorry
I'm sorry i'm still here
I'm sorry
I'm sorry i'm still here
Track Name: Would you still love me if i played football in highschool
She said it's over
I love somebody else
Track Name: I showed you my reverb pedal first
Hold on to me while i'm drowning
let me see your smile reflect off the river stream
where we ran wild carved our names in trees
now you're 100 miles away from me

oh no we are the ones who lost our smiles
it's hard to talk to you its been awhile
Track Name: freckle
champ kill me while I'm young
Let my body burn
Place me in the sky
I will light the days
Until you love again
I know you're that brave
Someday You will bloom
While My chest is a tomb
for our love to decay
I will go away
Sorry that I'm here
Just Some things never change
You will smile again
Veil across your face
Crown upon your head
Love within your heart
So don't pretend your dead
Forget the past instead
Heavy as a stone
I'll sink into your dreams
And your memories
I don't wanna die
Buried deep inside
Where you will never go
Until I'm just a ghost
Burrowed in your bones
These things you'll never know

it will be all right
just gotta give it time
Track Name: you told me when we grew up we would be happy
I hope that every bridge i burned leads a path back to the beginning

I still reach for your hand even though nothings there